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Take action for a brighter future.
Your voice matters. Your actions count. 

Supporting democracy through direct participation is essential for safeguarding freedoms and ensuring equitable opportunities for all members of society.


While voting in general elections is important, there are times when more active engagement is vital. Here are a list of actions you can use as a guide.

Even in as little as one hour you can make a meaningful difference in bringing about change and creating the country you want.

Democracy thrives on participation. Empower yourself and empower democracy. Engage, advocate and take part in shaping the future. Don't wait for change. Be the change.


Invite People to Events
Email or text people you know with a personal invitation to attend an event.


Amplify a Voice That Aligns With Yours
Find a post that you support or agree with and like, comment or share it.


Hold a Gathering
Host a conversation, meeting, or other event.


Post Original Content to Social Media
Use the power of your voice, whether written or spoken, to affirm democratic principles.


Run for Local Office
Play an active role in shaping your community's future, be a catalyst for change in local governance


Host a Postcard Party
Bring people together to craft messages of solidarity, hope, and action on postcards

“Do you want to know who you are? Don't ask. Act! Action will delineate and define you.”

― Thomas Jefferson

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