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Democracy is Us, a nonpartisan nonprofit, is dedicated to transforming democracy into a system that genuinely serves all citizens. We are dedicated to fostering enlivening conversations, actions, and events that empower and inspire citizens to preserve and vitalize democracy.


Our one-of-a-kind educational events are designed to be welcoming and uplifting, helping everyday Americans find their voices and ways of participation that align with their perspectives, passions, and schedules.

Through inclusive “neighborhood” gatherings, both online and in-person, we facilitate discussions among millions, encouraging dialogue not merely about what’s not working, but about the nation we long for, and know in our hearts is possible. By supporting individuals to actualize their democratic ideals, DIU aims to instill democracy as an energizing way of life.

“We constantly change the world, even by our inaction. Therefore, let us change it responsibly.”

– Benjamin Franklin

Our Mission

Our Purpose

The purpose of Democracy Is Us is to ensure that the United States of America remains a democracy and does not fall into a dictatorship, to educate people about the different forms of government and to call to action every citizen to unite to create a great country that serves us all.


Our Vision

We envision a future that is brighter than what most people see – how things are now. We move from helpless and hopeless to passionate and alive with possibility!


Our quest transcends political divides and ideological boundaries, is nonpartisan, and we are conscientiously informed citizens. We are educated about different forms of government, specifically democracy and authoritarianism.

Your Support Makes a Difference!

Democracy Is Us is different. We're a nonpartisan nonprofit creating one-of-a-kind inspirational events that empower everyday citizens to learn, find their unique voice, and step up for a bright America.

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